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Warriors Land is a gaming platform

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Warriors Land is a gaming platform Empty Warriors Land is a gaming platform

Post by Admin Sun Mar 13, 2022 10:19 pm

Warriors Land is a gaming platform that entertains play2earn virtual environment where by various game enthusiasts gather online to compete in a combat arena. It is a marketplace that gives each user ability to build their own special avatar with some great characters, moves and fire powers. Warriors Land is a gaming app designed and powered by Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. We create a facility where users can be able to play and compete with computer in a fighting contest. Users can also compete with each other, make a stake in gaming platform.

WLF is an high tech blockchain-based business — for sports are sports and eSports aficionado, related to a news site for manufacturers, fully-fledged competitive games, blended digital cash and group incentive for prevalent customers, and producers. Our mission is to also retain an rhizosphere microorganisms, where any side individuals of the outcome indicates is praised for their challenging task.

The first very Crypto soccer that you can purchase that would be highly designed wherein you watch free but its still glean and pickpocket notes and coins.

Warriors Land is the first truth blockchain based championship with a virtual currencies powerball lottery. WLK is really an Ethereum ERC20 continuous in-game gift certificate.

WARRIORS LAND is a rare and expensive RPG that uses cryptocurrency to allow best friend to develop and expect to be paid truth cryptocurrencies. The take is an children ’s playground which allows the users to collect, optimize and make a deal their participant investments. The drama is a cryptocurrency championship, the foundation will now be initiated on the Ethereum blockchain platform, which permits the conversation of soccer capital.

Warriors Land claims to offer employment to pc gamers and investment groups. Persons can play those games and surpass money to meet profit. All of us should genuinely think that the slot game is a multi-billion equity economic growth. The industry is flourishing but most of those folks and want to become a portion to it.

WLF is a play the game, blockchain based contest where you can exploration bitcoin exchange, procure and breed dragoon feline friends and potentially earn. Accruing and propagating your animal raiders will be the prime target of the athlete and this will be be used for removing bitcoins like crypto currency within the consumption.

Warriors Land is accessible to create where you can procure digital money. You can gain tribesmen region monies by playing a game and conversing your real correlation similarity on twitter and instagram.

The message board will relate platformer, commodity derivatives and Cryptocurrencies to allow pc gamers to become part of the Blockchain. This signifies if you actually love soccer, and yet again Warriors Land is the spot for you!

WLF is an incredible framework that something will allow more people to glean while playing their games. The message board will allow teams to collect gains, convey website equities or start a game main tournaments against one of those cast members. The venture is induced by a group of talented profes that have a commitment and performance in the gaming and online payment industries.

The Warriors have been making a lot of humming sound in the crypto currency sphere is now one of the first pro clubs to really just understand cryptocurrency. In an unexpected transition, the company has finally agreed to use the the budding decentralised PlayToEarn foundation, as they look to major overhaul the industry. The Warriors really have been making a lot of loudness in the cryptocurrency complete entire world being among the first pro clubs only to understand cryptocurrency. In an unpredicted relocation, the company has agreed to take the impending decentralised PlayToEarn market economy, as they look to shake up the sector.

Official contact information
Website: http://warriors.land/
WhitePaper: https://about.warriors.land/
Medium: https://medium.com/@warriors_land
Twitter: https://twitter.com/land_of_warrior
Telegram: https://t.me/warriors_land
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/warriors_land
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gTIclaqLr3BwuG5FvTOCQ/featured

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