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Qenetex platform

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Qenetex platform Empty Qenetex platform

Post by Admin Sun Mar 13, 2022 8:20 pm

Qenetex platform

The Qenetex team focuses on technology development and service quality improvement that have real-life applications. Our goal is to build a bridge between digital assets and the real sector of the economy, based on decentralized technology and global blockchain. Our mission is to secure and maintain free exchange between people, regardless of political changes and conservative economic models. We strive to ensure that our users have access to their assets 24/7 anywhere in the world and can make independent decisions regarding their management.

Based on this value set, we decided to pursue the development of non-custodial technology. Our first project is a non-custodial platform for managing cryptocurrency assets. It is based on decentralized technology, thus allowing users to control their own funds without the possibility of interference (for example, account blocking by third parties, including Qenetex).

The Qenetex platform is intended to serve as a link between user funds and various crypto services. The users can simultaneously manage their funds securely stored in the Qenetex wallets and access a variety of aggregated services united in one interface without the need to switch between many separate platforms. Such an approach significantly lowers the threshold for entering the world of cryptocurrencies for inexperienced users. For more experienced ones, it allows them to simplify and scale their activities.

Qenetex Goals
The Qenetex token (QEX) is an internal element of the Qenetex platform with many scenarios for its use. These scenarios can be roughly divided into several categories:

Platform fees and payments
Cashback Program
Loyalty program
Agricultural Programs
Token Usage Tax
Limited Airdrops
Launch pool
Liquidity Provision
Governance / Voting
Each of these categories implies active use of tokens by users. In addition, several Qenetex services are closely interconnected, thereby contributing to the constant circulation of tokens on and off the platform.

The key features of the Qenetex platform

All functionality essential for crypto asset management: secure non-custodial storage, sending/receiving functions, built-in statistics and analytics, and HD-approach to working with keys and addresses.
Buy/sell feature, exchange of cryptocurrencies with the help of our innovative and intelligent Exchange Search Engine (ESE) that can search for the best exchange rates among aggregated exchanges and liquidity providers, including the building of exchange routes through several providers and decentralized exchanges.
Multitrading service that enables convenient management of assets placed on various crypto exchanges within one platform. The functionality of this service includes deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, classic limit orders as well as stop-loss and take-profit orders, margin trading, monitoring of activity on different exchanges, etc.
Participation in liquidity pools of decentralized exchanges (DEXes) connected to the platform;
Participation in DeFi services connected to the platform
Purchase and placement of items on aggregated NFT marketplaces, including different networks, within a single interface of the Qenetex platform
The Qenetex Launchpool service that allows users to access farming at the early stages of projects' development.
Platform fees and payments
The Qenetex token is an accounting unit for paying for internal purchases, subscriptions, and commissions of products and services provided by the Qenetex platform (including MultiTrade
and Launchpool). Additionally, it helps deliver discounts for paying commissions for buy/sell and exchange operations, listing new tokens and coins in the wallets, adding new projects to the
Launchpool, etc.

Payment of the commission in the token (QEX fee) provides significant benefits while using such services as Exchange, Buy/Sell, DeFi, and NFT. The QEX fee can be two times smaller than the standard commission and may become even smaller if a user has a loyalty level.

Farming Programs
Our team designed several branches of farming to develop the ecosystem and fill liquidity pools,
thus ensuring the uninterrupted operation:

Early LP Farming
Yield Farming
Cashback Provision
GTx Cashback.
Each of the presented programs encourages active participation in the development and support of the ecosystem. Users will automatically receive QEX for maintaining liquidity, partaking in the Loyalty Program, and ensuring the uninterrupted stable operation of the Cashback Program and the gasless transactions technology.

The Qenetex token (QEX) is the basis of the Qenetex project which has wide uses in its ecosystem. It has a utility type, which is confirmed by some of the characteristics presented below.

Internal unit of account: QEX functions as an internal unit of account across many services served on the Qenetex platform. Furthermore, the token circulates within the Qenetex ecosystem without exceeding its limit. Thus, all incoming token flows from service purchases and subscriptions as well as service commission payments are sent to the Qenetex Pool and then further distributed to maintain the Qenetex ecosystem. All funds from the pool are returned to platform users through various loyalty programs and promotions that encourage users to actively use the platform's functionality and support the stability and uninterrupted operation of the ecosystem and its components. No part of the pool is directed outside the Qenetex ecosystem.

Loyalty and rewards programs: QEX is the accounting unit for discount and reward programs, including Cashback, Farm and Loyalty Programs. Utilizing tokens as a unit of account is a more profitable and profitable way of using the functionality of the platform. Token holders can access the service without paying a fee to the provider and Qenetex, receiving levels in the Qenetex Loyalty Program. Furthermore, users who contribute to the support and development of the ecosystem can participate in reward programs and receive additional payments (Cashback Provision, GTx Cashback and Yield Farming).

The use of tokens in the system is designed to be as convenient as possible for the user. There is a no gas option available in addition to standard gas payments for calling smart contracts with network coins (BNB). With the former, users are not required to own BNB as gas costs are offset by additional charged QEX.

Independence from secondary market conditions: The placement of tokens in the secondary market by any participant does not affect their functional characteristics in the ecosystem, since the value of the tokens is provided by the internal operational activities of platform users. At the same time, the Qenetex token lacks qualities that allow it to directly or indirectly affect the value, growth, inflation and other economic parameters of the secondary market. Tokens have fixed issues and do not imply intentional withdrawal from circulation, burning or otherwise – additional issuance.

Voting system: The Qenetex token allows its holders to vote on proposals and initiatives, serving as a unit of the vote's weight. The voting system is a crucial part of the Qenetex ecosystem that allows our team to receive feedback from the most involved users of the platform. The system is discussed in more detail in the next section.

The total number of the Qenetex tokens is limited. There will be no more than 3’000’000’000 tokens during all this time. The initial distribution of the Qenetex token has the following structure:

1’200’000’000 (40%) – Backers;
810’000’000 (27%) – QEX Pool:
○ 688’500’000 (22.95% - 85% of QEX pool) - Liquidity pool farming;
○ 121’500’000 (4.05% - 15% of QEX pool) - Growth;
450’000’000 (15%) – Team;
150’000’000 (5%) – Early liquidity pool farming;
150’000’000 (5%) – Bounty;
150’000’000 (5%) – Treasury;
90’000’000 (3%) – Advisors.

Official contact information
Website : https://qenetex.com/
Whitepaper : https://qenetex.com/wp.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/Qenetex
Twitter : https://twitter.com/qenetex
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Qenetex
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/qenetex
Youtube : https://www.instagram.com/qenetex

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