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Post by Admin Sat Mar 05, 2022 3:11 am

werenode blockchain to leverage P2P charging

Werenode is building an ecosystem to simplify the electric vehicle charging network development. The new EV charging standards like ISO15118 have been designed for advanced features like smart charge, smart plug or V2G. This current certificate approach with classical admin roles is leading to complicated interfaces management. We use the blockchain to produce the user and charging point certificates in a decentralized way, removing the need of an admin player. This agile process opens the path to the uberization of the charging point operation and wider and quicker deployment of charging infrastructure. We will commercialize our solution as an app allowing mainly two features 1/ to pay for ev charging 2/ to create your own charging point, allowing the user to share it easily. This app, already available in the app stores, will use the smart contracts we have developped to easily ensure payment and roaming. Hence our revenue flow will come from payment fees and owner subscription for services. Thanks to our simplified framework for the roaming management between charging point operators we will also be able to provide our services to mobility service providers.
Therefore, there will be instant payments in Fiat/Crypto traceable on the blockchain. Our project thus allows peer-to-peer recharging. The owner of a charging point can easily share his plug with other users by adding his charging point on our web platform.

Electric cars need charging points to charge their vehicle. But how to verify what car can charge at which chargingpoint and needs to pay what amount for the electricity charged? Werenodes simplifies the connection to the charging network and makes the data auditable and verifiable by use of the Tezos blockchain. This way anyone with an accessible charging point, can make it available and charge a small fee for people that use their charging point.
"If you have an accessible charging point with a connected plug, you just have to register your EV supply equipment on the Werenode app. You state the availability of the parking slot with this charging feature, check the internet connection of the plug and you are ready to help the other EV riders and earn some money in the process." - Source

Werenode has been working with Edukera, which is the development team that has created Archetype. Archetype is a smartcontract language on Tezos which allows formal verification, which is a formal way of providing proof that a smartcontract does what is has been designed to do. Formal verification is a methodology commonly used in mission-critical environments such as the aerospace, nuclear, and semiconductor industries. And within the blockchain space, formal verification is one of the unique selling points of Tezos. Besides formal verification, Werenode has chosen Tezos, due to the fact that Tezos uses Proof of Stake, which is far more energy efficient compared to Proof of Work. Also Tezos' on-chain governance system is a quality that inspires confidence for long lasting functionality for Werenode on Tezos.

Werenode is founded by Dr. Benoît Maïsseu, general manager for Electric Vehicles at the Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi Alliance.
Werenode announced yesterday, that they migrated from testnet to the Tezos mainnet.
- Source Better-call.dev
Werenode users will be able to pay for their charging period with Visa, MasterCard, Bank transfer, or Werecoin tokens which is a Tezos-based cryptocurrency.
How does it work?
Simply register and complete KYC. Then tell us how many WRC you want to buy.
Send your cryptos to our cryptobank. The portal handles XTZ, BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT. Contact us for other means of payment.
Your WRC will be released at the end of the locking period (from 64 weeks to 8 weeks in addition to the offering duration).
This release is guaranteed by a Smart Contract in the Tezos blockchain.
The scheduled offering duration is nine weeks.
For Tezos experts, you can directly send a "contribute" to our smart contract werecoinoffering.tez (KT1KbPPik7Ri4VibBfyHnVHhXYSVoj5otS67). This still requires us to whitelist your address through this portal.
1. Create Account
Create your account within
2. Complete KYC
Complete your profile to unlock
your buying limits
3. Buy
Buy werecoins with your
favorite cryptos

As the average amount of electric vehicle recharging transactions is low, we have
deliberately chosen a low price that most often avoids fractional tokens.
Token Price and Locking Period
Werecoin (code WRC) is the utility token used by Werenode. It supports the ecosystem of Charging Electric Vehicles and opens a new area of peer to peer energy transfers.
Like in every coin sale, the price starts low and then grows. The locking period of the token starts high and decreases with price.

WARNING : You should take into account that the risk of loss in trading or holding Crypto Currencies can be substantial. As with any asset, the value of Crypto Currencies can vary quickly and there can be a real risk that you lose money buying, selling, holding, or investing in these currencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding Crypto Currencies is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.
Offering Process and Incentives
This offering opens to the public more than 75% of the available WRC. The reserve kept by Werenode SAS is very small compared to most projects and there is no mint process built in our FA1.2 token smart contract. Most of all, paying your EV charging with Werecoins on our P2P network will be charged only 5% commission instead of 9% (-45%).

Werenode's Solution
Werenode MVP
Our Customers
Funds Usage Program
Werenode will use the funding gathered with Werecoin's offering to accelerate its development.
Our team of EV charging experts are unlocking new charging services and strengthening their value chain thanks to our blockchain ecosystem (smart charge, vehicle-to-grid, plug&charge, vehicle-to-vehicle, green/local energy charging…).
Werenode Value Flow
Werenode builds an open and decentralized ecosystem thanks to Tezos blockchain to leverage P2P charging. This allows to unlock an unlimited network able to answer the growing needs of EV drivers.
Werecoin is Werenode's cryptocurrency. It is currently a Tezos token but will be also soon wrapped on BSC.
Werenode's website

Why Werecoin?
It is easy to participate in the public sale, we keep it safe and secure. Our platform uses the most intuitive interfaces and the best secure technologies to build the future of payment for energy transfers. There is currently no other cryptocurrency built on a real P2P EV charging solution.
Strong Security
SMS and Google auth
2-FA are implemented.
Easy to use
Intuitive interface and
simple processes.
Well identified crypto merchant and
AML, KYC and GPDR compliant.

For more information
Website. https://werenode.com/
Telegram. https://t.me/joinchat/20948tdORW1hZTlk
Facebook. https://facebook.com/werenode
Twitter. https://twitter.com/werenode

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