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Post by Admin Sat Mar 05, 2022 2:53 am

#DeFi #TeleFy #DEX #cryptocurrency #Ethereum #BinanceSmartChain #Bitcoin #Airdrop #polkadot #MATIC

This is Nice project that grows every day and will be successful without a doubt, take time to participate in the development of the project

Worldwide, blockchain technology is being employed in a wide number of sectors, professions, and areas. This method of data transfer is extremely safe since it is constructed of a sequence of blocks, each of which contains a unique piece of information. Due to the novel properties of this emerging technology, it is rapidly gaining popularity. When this technology is implemented, operational efficiency and accuracy are increased while expenses are reduced and transparency is increased. The main team of the TELEFY project has established an ingenious technique for differentiating themselves from the other cryptocurrency efforts now under development.

According to blockchain industry specialists, a major source of concern for the vast majority of bitcoin investors has been the absence of a multipurpose role in the beginner or establishment’s ecosystem. Due to the lack of a multifunctional function in the newcomer’s or establishment’s ecosystem, the majority of investors and merchants are diverted in order to finish their transactions.

Telefy is the world first credit score oriented multi chain DeFi that has come to stay and first of it kind in the whole ecosystem.
Telefy Finance is a platform built to help change the way the whole entire ecosystem operate in a crypto view by introducing some many features that will enhance the site this was created to help in solving some issue being faced in DeFi the Financial solutions and helping to get rid of third parties and brokerage involved in the legacy models. By helping each member to have access to borrow in the space and pay pay in their own convinent and appointed time.

TELE is an authenticated and verified token set out for participants as a currency being used in Telefy Finance in other for you to be able to participate in the polling or to swapping of any token in the system.
This platform allow you to earn Tele Coin by staking of Tel-LP tokens where the liquidity pool stake will be calculated and give back as a rewards to everyone who participated in adding liquidity pool to it

Features that governs Telefy Finance
Tele swap
Tele lend
Tele score
Tele pad
Tele NFT

TELE SWAP Tele Swap is a multi-chain protocol that allows users to swap coins, adding liquidity using AMM (Automated Market Maker). TELE LEND

TELE LEND Tele Lend is a multi-chain and automated lending protocol that allows users to lend or borrow using Tele Score.
This was made easy for everyone participating in the site because it’s allow you to lend or borrow with the eligible and validity of your Tele score

TELE SCORE Tele Score is a multi-chain programmable protocol for effectively calculating the credit worthiness of users, based on their holdings, transaction history and few other relevant parameters. This are score earn by your interaction and commitment with the usage of the app

TELE PAD Tele PAD is multi-chain model supports initial DEX offering (IDO) for the users who have TELE Coin stake. This will capture all as the benefits of all and to help guild any participants that currently moving and

TELE NFT Tele NFT is multi-chain NFT marketplace where you can buy or sell NFT. Tele NFT protocol fees will be distributed to the users who staked TELE.
Do to the uniqueness of NFT Tele is ready to make it’s worth it by creating a sub site where NFT project can be done, minting , selling and also creating yours and list it for buyer.

With the way the system was built to help in collectiveness of multiple chain protocol that will serve And help participants to operate and do so much more in single platform is what makes it unique and outstanding from all the Finances platform

For more information
Website. https://telefy.finance/
Whitepaper. https://telefy.finance/assets/Telefy-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram. https://t.me/telefydefi
Twitter. https://twitter.com/TelefyConnect


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